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Kongsberg APOS Survey

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Surveyor’s independent Operator Station for HiPAP.

APOS Survey has been developed to provide a cost effective solution for subsea survey and construction operations, making it possible for the surveyor to utilise a vessel’s HiPAP system. Acoustic interrogations are interleaved or run simultaneously with the DP system updates, without making changes to the vessel’s APOS software or installation parameters.

APOS Survey offers full LBL and SSBL, quicker mobilisation times and is designed for both permanent and temporary installation on vessels. The software communicates directly with the HiPAP transceiver, enabling the surveyor to operate independently of the bridge. The software safely integrates into the vessels HiPAP system through a high speed, optically-isolated, serial connection to maintain independence from the vessel’s Dynamic Positioning (DP) network, and removes restrictions normally associated with operating a HiPAP system for subsea survey purposes.


  • APOS Survey OS version 6 or later
  • Select which of the vessels HiPAP transducers are available for survey
  • Opto isolated serial interface allows a secure connection to the vessel’s HiPAP
  • Use vessels or local survey sensors (GNSS MRU, Gyro)
  • Configuration of lever arms and offsets independent of the vessel
  • Cymbal digital acoustics (500+ channels)
  • Positioning modes: SSBL Fast Track, LBL & Sparse LBL
  • SSBL Alignment and LBL boxin calibration
  • Blue Marble Geodetic Library
  • Interfaces to Subsea HAIN and cPAP LBL ROV Transceiver
  • Interface ROV pressure and sound velocity sensors
  • Industry standard and propriety NMEA telegrams to HiPAP

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