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EdgeTech 2050

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The EdgeTech 2050-DSS is the latest product to combine EdgeTech’s highly
successful line of side scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers into one fully integrated
system. This is especially useful where high resolution sub-bottom profiler data, that
requires the system to be towed near the seabed, is required.

The 2050-DSS is a tri-frequency side scan sonar system, where any two, operator
selectable, frequencies can be operated simultaneously. The system can be provided
with either a 120, 410 & 850 kHz towfish, or a 230, 540 & 850 kHz towfish. Both towfish
options are equipped with a 2-16 kHz sub-bottom profiler, that utilizes a PVDF panel
receive hydrophone. Use of an area based receive hydrophone panel provides
improved beam patterns and therefore improved signal to noise ratio’s, which in turn
means cleaner data.

Other Use Cases


    • Fully integrated turnkey system
    • Tri-Frequency Side Scan Sonar & Sub-Bottom Profiler
    • Digital telemetry over single coaxial tow cable
    • Choice of side scan frequencies
    • Built-in Pressure (Depth) Heading, Heave, Pitch and Roll sensors

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