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Coda Octopus Survey Engine Seismic+

Availability: Rental

Survey Engine Seismic+ is a ‘next generation’ 2D seismic data processing, interpretation and reporting application for the marine survey industry.


Built on the years of experience that have made CodaOctopus’ software solutions a market leader at the heart of geophysical operations worldwide, Seismic+ brings survey tools up-to-date with the latest database and GIS technology. Based around a flexible database, Survey Engine gives fast access to all survey information, even from the largest data sets. As a result, Seismic+ offers exceptional time-saving advantages when reviewing data and performing interpretation. Designed with thousands of line kilometres of survey data in mind, we believe that Survey Engine Seismic+ is the most productive and intuitive tool available for seismic data processing, interpretation and reporting.


Seismic+ integrates fully with Sidescan+ so that both sidescan and seismic data sets can be used in the same project yielding interpretation productivity benefits.

Other Use Cases


    • Import huge data set with thousands of line kilometres
    • Support for widest range of data formats, including CODA, XTF, JSF, SES, SEG-Y
    • Integrated GIS functionality with TIFF and DXF support
    • Powerful processing functions, including TVG, TVF, Stacking, Swell Filter, Rectification etc
    • User defined sound velocity profile
    • Multiple identification tool
    • Fledermaus SD format export support
    • Cross line and feature intersection display
    • Import and geo-reference any file to aid context
    • Easy, clear, intuitive user interface
    • No data subsampling compromises – access every sample of acquired sonar and navigation data

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