Applied Acoustics 1019 Mini Beacon

1000 Series Mini Beacons incorporate Applied Acoustics’ proprietary Sigma acoustic protocols, proven for use with AAE’s USBL tracking systems, other manufacturers’ USBL systems operating with wide bandwidth transmissions, as well as those using ‘narrow band’ tone signaling.


With an industry standard 5-pin connector, the beacons are quick and easy to configure using the 1082 Smart Switch or 1083 Multi-Charger that also activate and monitor the charging of the battery pack.



  • AAE proprietary Sigma bi-directional spread spectrum technology
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Directional or omni-directional beam pattern options available
  • Externally configurable as transponder, responder or pinger
  • High power option model to operate longer ranges
  • Options for use with remote transducers
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