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Applanix POS MV

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POS MV 320, POS MV Elite and the POS MV WaveMaster are all tightly-coupled systems using Applanix’ unique approach to Inertially-Aided Real-Time Kinematic (IARTK) technology. The user-friendly, turnkey systems provide accurate attitude, heading, heave, position, and velocity data, representing the latest in state-of-the-art inertial/GPS technology. The systems maintain positioning accuracy under the most demanding conditions, regardless of vessel dynamics. With its high data update rate, POS MV 320, POS MV Elite and POS MV WaveMaster deliver a full six degrees-of-freedom position and orientation solution.POS MV 320 and POS MV WaveMaster are designed for use with multibeam sonar systems, enabling adherence to IHO (International Hydrographic Survey) standards on sonar swath widths of greater than ± 75 degrees under all dynamic conditions. The POS MV Elite offers true heading accuracy without the need for dual GPS installation. POS MV Elite offers users the highest degree of accuracy in motion measurement for their marine Applications.


  • Exceptional performance under all dynamic conditions
  • Provides almost instantaneous reacquisition of RTK following GPS signal loss
  • Very low noise L1 and L2 carrier phase measurements
  • Maintains heading accuracy in a high multipath environment and in areas of poor GPS availability
  • Automatic initialization upon power-up, following a one-time calibration
  • Superior low-elevation tracking performance regardless of latitude
  • Continuous sensor monitoring to ensure optimum performance

Applanix’ POS™ technology was originally developed and rigorously tested as part of an extensive military project. This proven technology was enhanced, customised and packaged to yield an off-the-shelf commercial product, uniquely suited to the requirements
of precision marine motion sensing, hydrographic surveying and charting.
Current users include many of the world’s largest marine contractors and navies, which rely on POS MV’s accuracy and robustness for their precise marine survey requirements.


TrueHeave Software
Using new heave processing algorithms TrueHeave now enables heave data to meet and exceed the highest marine industry standards.
POS MV systems equipped with TrueHeave technology have sufficient computational speed to generate a secondary estimate of heave shortly after the initial sonar acquisition event. Delayed time heave output not only removes many of the compromises that must be made in real-time, but also provides near real-time QC of heave performance.


Cost effective solution
TrueHeave significantly reduces filter settling time when compared to traditional heave filters, which can almost completely eliminate the need for line run-ins. This means a saving of several minutes per survey line, which can translate into a saving of hours or even days worth of labor and vessel costs.

Other Use Cases


    • PCS: A rugged, compact POS Computer System
    • IMU: Survey-grade Inertial Measurement Unit
    • GPS Antennas: Trimble Zephyr™ geodetic technology
    • TrueHeave Software: Significantly improved heave estimate

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