Tritech Pan and Tilt 3626-C

Following the overwhelming success of the PT3636 Hydraulic Pan & Tilt Unit, Tritech have continued to improve the design characteristics offered and have released a new improved pan and tilt unit.


The Tritech PT3636-C Hydraulic Pan & Tilt Unit has been designed to eliminate a number of potential weak points that were identified on other hydraulic pan and tilt units. Designed to be rugged, compact and reliable the PT3636-C pan and tilt unit is the ideal solution for use on ROV’s, where the harsh working environment tests equipment reliability to the limit.


All hydraulic connections for the PT3636-C pan and tilt unit are located in the mounting base, which allows the unit to be installed using rigid rather than flexible piping. By using rigid piping the system offers reduced interference and smooth operation of underwater video cameras and lights, which in turn increases the efficiency and reliability of the pan and tilt unit.


The integral mounting bracket on the PT3636-C pan and tilt unit has been designed with practical slots for band clamps. This provides a simple method for mounting numerous combinations of different sized underwater video cameras and lights.


This stylishly designed compact hydraulic pan and tilt unit has been designed to work efficiently and reliably when mounted in a restricted area.



  • Improved reliability
  • Built in flow restrictors
  • Uniform sweep speeds in all forward and reverse directions
  • Pre-configurable pan and tilt envelopes between 0 and 355 degs
  • Cast aluminium body
  • Mounting flexibility offered by two mounting brackets


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