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RTS offers a wide range of self-developed products together with products from other leading subsea equipment manufacturers.    

Teledyne TSS DMS-05

Availability: Rental

The DMS range of motion sensors is designed specifically for the motion measurement needs of the marine industry. Whether it is achieving IHO standard survey from any size of vessel, or providing safety critical monitoring of offshore platforms, large vessels, helicopter landing decks, cranes and positioning systems, the DMS provides accurate motion measurement in all sea conditions.

Incorporating an enhanced external velocity and heading aiding algorithm for improved accuracy during dynamic manoeuvres, the solid state angular rate sensors offer reliability in the highest performing vertical reference unit ever produced by TSS.

The DMSView software programme is an intuitive WindowsTM – based programme enabling installation, set-up and integrity checking, and monitoring of the sensor. The user can select from a series of frequently used data protocols or configure a bespoke output from a selection of variables.

The DMS is rated to 3000m as standard with 6000m available on request. The sensor can be supplied in various configurations for integration with towed vehicles and other bespoke applications. As with all TSS systems, the DMS is certified to meet all current and anticipated European legislation for electromagnetic compatibility and electronic emissions.



  • Dynamic roll and pitch accuracy to 0.05°
  • Depth rated to 3000m (optional 6000m)
  • Survey to Class 1 IHO standard
  • High dynamic accuracy during vessel turns

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