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Teledyne Odom MB1 Multibeam Echo Sounder

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Completely designed and manufactured within the Teledyne Marine group, the new MB1 multibeam echo sounder is designed to meet the needs of hydrographic professionals that are looking for a low cost yet high performance swath sounder.

Sounding Performance
Using both amplitude and phase bottom detection, MB1 is capable of sounding a swath of up to 120 degrees in over 120m depth of water, and up to 240m at nadir. With 24 bit resolution and a dedicated projector, both raw water column and seabed data can be collected within the controller software.

Using a new and improved Real Time Appliance (RTA), the echo sounder can be interfaced with all of the sensors necessary for surveying whilst maintaining accurate timing synchronization.

The sounder is manufactured using corrosion resistant Acetal and Titanium, ensuring years of reliable use in harsh marine environments. Impulse Titan series connectors are used for quick and dependable data connection.

Other Use Cases


    • Operating frequency from 170 to 220 kHz
    • 120 degree swath coverage
    • Up to 512 beams
    • Phase and amplitude bottom detection
    • Up to 240m water depth sounding
    • Titanium and Acetal construction

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