Sonardyne Back Deck Test PDA

Pocket Test Terminal (PTT) is a new truly portable Compatt 5 test tool. Running on a dedicated iPAQ PDA platform, the PTT software offers all the main features of the PC-based Compatt 5 Test Terminal software but from a small, portable, splash proof device. It is therefore ideal for taking on to the back deck to set-up and test Compatt 5s prior to and after deployment.


  • Portability simplifies deck testing and also warehouse stock checking.
  • Splash-proof, ruggedised case protects the PDA in the back deck environment.


  • Acoustic Wideband checks (Compatt to Compatt) : Transducer, receiver & transmit
  • Run internal Compatt self-test checks
  • Battery check
  • Read Compatt internal and external sensors
  • Open and close the release
  • Change Compatt address
  • All test records are stored in the PDA and can be transferred to a PC for printing and/or filing.
  • Software and Test Records stored in Flash memory to protect against a flat battery
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