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OceanTools VO-5

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The compact and cost-effective OceanTools VO-5 Digital Video Overlay is a multi-function, advanced survey quality overlay system.


The unit can simultaneously overlay text, graphics (e.g. client’s logos) and data from external sources such as survey data, CP, gyro compass and GPS plus interfaces to a number of the popular bathymetric packages.


The VO-5 system is contained in a single 2U high 19″ rack mountable enclosure. The uncluttered design ensures that all video and data inputs and outputs are taken to the rear panel with the only connectors on the front being those of the mouse and keyboard. The system also includes mouse/pointer support and is supplied with both mouse and keyboard. A specially written WindowsT program allows the user to create logos on a PC and copy them to the VO-5 via the serial data link.


The VO-5 has two separate serial data channels (one RS232, the other RS232, RS422 or RS485 to accept external serial inputs. The data command set has been designed to be fully backwardly compatible with existing video overlay units e.g. Taylor-Lann, C Systems, etc


An optional high-impedance 12 bit analogue to digital convertor (ADC) input allow CP readings to be taken and displayed on the VO-5 as well as other analogue inputs including depth, heading, altitude, etc.

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