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OceanTools OceanSENSE

Availability: Rental

The market leading OceanSENSE subsea leak detection systems are field proven on hundreds of offshore jobs with a very impressive detection rate of close to 100%. A single OceanSENSE unit may be used to detect leaks from subsea infrastructure and detect cement dye during cementing operations.


OceanSENSE units are designed to work with a wide range of dyes and substances including but not limited to:


  • OceanTools OceanDYE
  • Rhodamines including RX9022 and B275
  • Fluoresceins
  • Pelagic 100 & 100 Pink
  • Champion ClearDye

Other Use Cases


    • Impressive detection range up to 7m
    • ROV and Diver-held versions
    • Results visible both on camera and via software
    • Up to 50x as sensitive as black-light detectors

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