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Kongsberg OE15-100a

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The Kongsberg Maritime oe15-100a (625 Line/50Hz) and oe15- 101a (525 Line/60Hz) High Definition Enhanced CCD camera represents a break through in non-intensified camera performance. Advanced signal processing circuitry coupled with a high efficiency aspheric optical system provides near-SIT performance from a non-intensified CCD sensor.


The camera is fitted as standard with a light-weight Titanium alloy pressure housing rated for 3,000 metre operation. The unique, high integrity housing design provides for a high degree of immunity to shock and vibration. The unique Kongsberg Maritime infra-red remote long line drive facility is fully implemented in conjunction with an extended range of camera protection features.



  • Near – SIT Performance
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Aspheric Optical System

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