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Digital Edge Subsea EdgeDVR-2SD

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The EdgeDVR-2SD is a dual channel standard definition (SD) digital video recorder (DVR). The EdgeDVR is primarily for use in the offshore oil and gas subsea market. It is generally used for daily ROV operations, both eyeball and work class or diving. Being dual channel it can display and record two video channels simultaneously, which is ideal for two divers or an ROV with two cameras on. The EdgeDVR includes a built in video switcher, so the operator can easily switch between two of the four video inputs on one channel and switch between the other two video inputs on the other channel. Switching can even be done within a video recording.


There is a dual channel black box recorder integrated into the EdgeDVR, so whenever a dive is open, both channels of video is recording. Taking videos, video clips or stills is extremely easy and the whole user interface is designed for ease of use by the operator by experienced ROV pilots and 3.4u inspectors.


The EdgeDVR includes a drag and drop dual independent channel overlay and can take in up to 4 survey or serial data feeds. Built in eventing and automatic generation of dive, anomaly, video and photo logs.


Each project includes the free EdgeViewer so the client can easily view all the data, video and photos in an integrated way. 2 channel video recordings are played back simultaneously, likewise if two stills are taken together, they are displayed together.


Digital Edge Subsea also produce an optional Peli transport case for the EdgeDVR, to ensure the video recording system is kept in a top condition whilst in transit or Storage.


  • Dual Channel Standard Definition Video Recording (WMV)
  • Single or Dual Channel Recording Modes
  • Independent Dual Channel Digital Overlay
  • Realtime Eventing
  • Built-in 4 Way Video Switcher
  • Digital Stills – Single or Dual Channel (Jpeg or Bitmap)
  • Video Clips (WMV)
  • Automatic dive, photos, video and anomaly logs
  • Project Editor
  • Client Viewer
  • Realtime data logging
  • 4 Serial Ports for the display/logging of data
  • 3 x 3TB Removable Hard Drives
  • Automatic Blackbox – Single or Dual Channel Recording
  • Solid state operating system drive

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