Claxton MultiCam Subsea Cameras

MultiCam™ is a low cost camera system for fixing onto subsea structures to provide a vital visual aid during critical subsea installation operations.


Multiple cameras can be used to monitor stab guides and other key areas to ensure a safe and accurate installation and to verify that infrastructure has been successfully locked down.


Operations dictate it is often preferable to leave items subsea rather than to incur retrieval costs – Claxton designed Multicam™ to meet this need while maintaining the high visual performance associated with more expensive systems.



  • Easily operated and rapid set up
  • Bespoke camera mounting brackets
  • Helicopter transportable, compact lightweight system
  • Standard file formats for easy transfer
  • Removes the need for expensive ROV work
  • Maximum visibility in poor conditions (camera in close proximity to point of interest)


  • Operates in water depths up to 2000m
  • Rugged and field proven
  • Multiple cameras and lights can operate from one system
  • Digital recording to tape
  • JPEG and MPEG data transfers to PC


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