Claxton CamScan Offshore Cameras

CAMSCAN™ is a retrievable subsea / downhole colour camera system designed to be run on drill pipe conveyed tooling and sand line frames.


With an extensive record of successful downhole operations CAMSCAN™ is regularly used for wellbore troubleshooting, fishing operations and the inspection of landing shoulders, seal areas and tieback threads.


CAMSCAN™ has proven to be an invaluable tool during subsea installation operations such as template landing and jacket-guide location. We can supply experienced personnel to run the CAMSCAN™ camera if you require.



  • Rapid setup time
  • Easily operated
  • Maximum visibility in poor conditions
  • Option to circulate for clearer vision
  • Compact transportable system
  • Standard file formats for easy transfer


  • Operates in water depths up to 2000m
  • High-resolution, High sensitivity camera
  • Operates in low light levels of 0.05 lux.
  • 360° pan, 180° tilt for complete hemisphere view
  • Digital recording to tape
  • Easy JPEG and MPEG data transfers
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