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Applied Acoustics 2520 PAM Test Unit

Availability: Rental

The 2520 PAM Tester/Charger has been designed to be a highly versatile and invaluable operator tool. It is used to test and charge AAE beacons, and test those from other manufacturers. It operates in the MF and LF frequency band.

The multi-function deck set is used to:

  • Check transponders, responders and pingers prior to use, avoiding any downtime
  • Operate all AAE Acoustic Release Beacons, and obtain status telemetry information
  • Operate as range and relocation meter with navigation transponders, depth transponders and pingers
  • Charge all AAE 900 Series beacons


  • Robust construction, with easy to operate 7 – key menu
  • Beacon ‘search’ function
  • Mains powered but with an internal battery to facilitate cord-free on-deck use

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