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RTS offers a wide range of self-developed products together with products from other leading subsea equipment manufacturers.    

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Hytek Cable Counting System

The Hytek Cable Counter is a reliable and accurate system for measuring the length of cable or umbilical passing over the snatch-block sheave wheel. Counts up to 9999 meters in 1 metre increments.

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Kongsberg MS1000 Tripod Frame

The scanning sonar can be utilised to monitor the diver operation. In most situations the sonar can be deployed (on a tripod or weighted line) from the side of the support vessel, and positioned to scan the work area.

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T-Count Cable Counting System

T-count is a reliable and accurate system for measuring the length of cable passing over a snatchblock. Designed to overcome the unreliability of systems using a deck lead, a radio link is used to display the count on an IBMT compatible PC, or the optional hand-held receiver. This innovative approach allows the operator moreconfidence when […]

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Teledyne Blueview BV3100 Boat Mount with P&T

Deployed from a patrol boat, Teledyne BlueView’s BV3100 is ideal for search and recovery operations, dive team situational awareness, and diver vectoring. It is also an effective means of harbor bottom inspection as well as diver and underwater IED detection. The BV3100 uses Teledyne BlueView’s 2D forward looking sonar mounted to a digital pan and […]

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Teledyne Blueview BV4100 Light Weight Tripod

The BV4100 is a light weight tripod and a pan and tilt combination used for a 2D forward looking sonar in fixed position real time monitoring. The BV4100 is easily one person deployable from surface vessels, piers or docks. The simplicity and portability of the BV4100 makes the ideal tool for quick inspections and searches […]

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