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RTS offers a wide range of self-developed products together with products from other leading subsea equipment manufacturers.    

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Nemo Subsea Navigator

RTS Nemo Subsea Navigator

The RTS NEMO Subsea Navigator is a combined INS and DVL solution for water depths up to 4000m. The unit is purpose-built for ROV navigation and features state-of-the-art field proven components from renowned subsea manufacturers iXblue, Nortek and RTS. NEMO has been designed for maximum reliability with such features as maintenance-free power drop-out protection, titanium […]


The RTS LEVEL is a high-precision inclinometer for ROVs and divers. By utilizing technology from the RTS TEXT subsea display the unit delivers unparalleled visibility and is capable of 70+ hours of continous subsea operation per charge cycle. The unit also features an optional external input which can interface up to two sensors. The RTS […]



The RTS CUBE SDM is a self-contained monitoring solution for subsea structures. It is used during the deployment and installation phase but can also be utilized for long-term monitoring to ensure structure stability and position. In addition to monitoring heading, deflection and suction can pressure, the system can also provide the user with live video […]


The RTS MetSTAB Metrology Stab has been designed based on years of experience with different mechanical subsea interfacing solutions. The unit features unrivaled mating precision and repeatability to ensure objects or subsea equipment is placed correctly in all axes. A special ROV- or diver-operable locking mechanism ensures vertical locking of the male stab during critical […]

Kongsberg cNODE MiniS

  Kongsberg Maritimes cNODE MiniS Transponder, the most advanced HiPAP mini SSBL and LBL transponder developed to date. The cNODE MiniS, with an impressive range of features, 500+ Cymbal digital acoustic channels and backwards compatability, supercedes the Mini MST.   The cNODE® MiniS transponders are the smallest members of the cNODE® family. These are used […]

Sonardyne 6G Micro Compatt

Micro Compatt 6 is our smallest ever LBL transponder. Designed for short duration missions such as spoolpiece metrology or dynamic mobile mapping, Micro Compatt 6 is perfect for installation on Inspection-class ROVs where payload is limited. Its small size also means that a Work-class ROV can deploy multiple units in one trip to the seabed […]

Kongsberg APOS Survey

Surveyor’s independent Operator Station for HiPAP. APOS Survey has been developed to provide a cost effective solution for subsea survey and construction operations, making it possible for the surveyor to utilise a vessel’s HiPAP system. Acoustic interrogations are interleaved or run simultaneously with the DP system updates, without making changes to the vessel’s APOS software […]



The RTS CUBE represents the next generation of self-contained subsea monitoring solutions. Based on years of experience with the industry favored RTS Gyro Toolbox, the CUBE features superior heading and attitude measurements, flexible interfacing and comms, external sensor capabilities and surface logging software. The compact and robust construction allows for a wide range of subsea applications while maintaing full […]


Based on the RTS PPS Distribution Panel, the RTS PPS Box is a highly compact and robust solution for distributing GPS timing signals to survey spreads. The unit features low latency distribution of one timing telegram together with PPS pulse to seven separate outputs. The RTS PPS Box is typically used for time synchronization of […]

Applied Acoustics 2520 PAM Test Unit

The 2520 PAM Tester/Charger has been designed to be a highly versatile and invaluable operator tool. It is used to test and charge AAE beacons, and test those from other manufacturers. It operates in the MF and LF frequency band. The multi-function deck set is used to: Check transponders, responders and pingers prior to use, […]

Applanix POS MV

POS MV 320, POS MV Elite and the POS MV WaveMaster are all tightly-coupled systems using Applanix’ unique approach to Inertially-Aided Real-Time Kinematic (IARTK) technology. The user-friendly, turnkey systems provide accurate attitude, heading, heave, position, and velocity data, representing the latest in state-of-the-art inertial/GPS technology. The systems maintain positioning accuracy under the most demanding conditions, […]

Applied Acoustics 1019 Mini Beacon

1000 Series Mini Beacons incorporate Applied Acoustics’ proprietary Sigma acoustic protocols, proven for use with AAE’s USBL tracking systems, other manufacturers’ USBL systems operating with wide bandwidth transmissions, as well as those using ‘narrow band’ tone signaling.   With an industry standard 5-pin connector, the beacons are quick and easy to configure using the 1082 […]

Applied Acoustics 1082 Smart Switch

The 1082 Smart Switch is a pocket-sized solution to quick and easy 1000 Series beacon configuration, fast charge activation and fast charge monitoring. Easy to operate with 4 buttons and a backlit display, the 1082 Smart Switch also features compatible beacon trickle charge and responder test functionality.

Applied Acoustics 3510 PAM Portable Tester

  The 3510 Ranger/Command, PAM Portable, has been developed to meet the harsh operating conditions associated with offshore marine operations. Housed in a rugged waterproof enclosure with a clear LCD display and splash proof key pad, it is ideal for on-deck operations. The 3510 has been designed to be a versatile tool for multi-transponder configuration and […]

Clear-Com KB-701/702 Speaker/Mic Station

Clear-Com KB-701 1-Channel Flush-Mount Push-to-Talk Speaker/Mic Station Mounts in the V-Box ,HelixNet S-Mount, or console. The KB-701 remote speaker station connects to a single channel of party-line intercom and operates in half-duplex mode. It features both an integral speaker and a flush mount electrets microphone with mic limiter and a push-to-talk button.   Clear-Com KB-702 2-Channel […]

Coda Octopus DA2000 Series

The all-new Coda GeoSurvey DAseries acquisition system is available for all sidescan sonars and sub-bottom profilers including the latest digital sonars and popular analogue systems. Building on more than 12 years of experience as a leader and innovator in the field of geophysical acquisition, Coda GeoSurvey is the system of choice for many of the […]

Coda Octopus DA4G

The DA4G™ series of acquisition systems from the CodaOctopus:GEO family provides high quality, robust and reliable data acquisition from the latest digital and analogue sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler sensors.   DA4G is the 4th generation of our successful DA series™ and is built on twenty years of knowledge, experience and innovation in supplying unparalleled […]

Coda Octopus F180 Series

The F180 series is a range of GPS aided attitude and positioning systems that provide high quality and precise reference data for a number of marine applications including multibeam surveys and dynamic positioning projects. Blending together GNSS information with an inertial engine, the F180 series outputs Kalman filtered heading, position, heave, pitch and roll variables […]

Coda Octopus GeoSurvey

No matter how much raw data has been collected from the survey site, it’s the results that your client values. When budgets get tighter, survey tasks become ever more time-critical and the process of interpreting acquired data must be as quick and easy as possible.   Coda GeoSurvey Productivity Suite integrates the tasks of analysing, […]

Coda Octopus Survey Engine Seismic+

Survey Engine Seismic+ is a ‘next generation’ 2D seismic data processing, interpretation and reporting application for the marine survey industry.   Built on the years of experience that have made CodaOctopus’ software solutions a market leader at the heart of geophysical operations worldwide, Seismic+ brings survey tools up-to-date with the latest database and GIS technology. […]

Hemisphere GPS VS131

Enhanced GNSS heading and positioning technology with GLONASS. Precise marine and land applications demand the heading and positioning performance of the Vector™ VS131™ receiver making it ideal for professional machine control and navigation applications in any environment.   The Vector VS131 utilizes all of the innovations of Hemisphere GNSS’ Crescent® Vector technology, offering a series […]

Hypack Hydrographic Survey and Processing Software

  HYPACK® is the most widely used hydrographic software package in the world. Here’s why.   HYPACK® provides all of the tools necessary to complete your hydrographic, side scan and magnetometer survey requirements. With over 4,000 users around the world, HYPACK® provides you with the tools necessary to meet almost any hydrographic survey requirement. It […]


The iXBlue fourth-generation pre-calibrated GAPS combines high performance ultra-short baseline (USBL) and a fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) inertial navigation system (INS) in the same housing to provide accurate position of any subsea object, in diverse and challenging environments. Its performance ranges from extremely shallow water to deep sea. Its compact and all-in-one design allows both portable […]

iXBlue Octans 3000

OCTANS 3000 is a subsea survey-grade gyrocompass and complete motion sensor for water depths up to 3,000 m. Based on iXBlue’s fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) technology it outputs heading, roll, pitch, heave, rate of turn and acceleration. OCTANS 3000 can be easily upgraded to full INS mode (i.e. ROVINS).

iXBlue PHINS 6000 Subsea

PHINS 6000 is a subsea inertial navigation system (INS) providing position, true heading, attitude, speed, depth, and heave for deep water operations. Its high-accuracy inertial measurement unit is coupled with an embedded digital signal processor that runs an advanced Kalman filter. PHINS DVL Ready is pre-assembled and pre-calibrated with a Doppler velocity log version making […]


RAMSES is an acoustic synthetic baseline positioning system with self-contained computing, for simple real-time sparse array subsea navigation. Tightly coupled with iXBlue inertial navigation system (INS), it delivers extreme precision and robustness in challenging acoustic operational environment. Available in MF and LF versions (medium frequency for most applications and low frequency for ultra-long range applications), […]


ROVINS is a combined survey-grade full featured Inertial Navigation System (INS) for water depths up to 3,000m. Designed specifically for offshore survey and construction works, ROVINS improves the efficiency of all operations where accurate position, heading and attitude are key benefits.

Kongsberg cNODE Maxi

cNODE® is a new family of transponders for underwater acoustic positioning and data link. They have more than 100 channels available, and can all be positioned by HiPAP® underwater positioning systems. Each underwater target to be positioned must have a transponder or a responder installed. The transponder operates acoustically while the responder requires a cable […]

Kongsberg cNODE Midi

cNODE® is a new family of transponders for underwater acoustic positioning and data link. They have more than 100 channels available, and can all be positioned by HiPAP® underwater positioning systems. Each underwater target to be positioned must have a transponder or a responder installed. The transponder operates acoustically while the responder requires a cable […]

Kongsberg cNODE Mini

cNODE® is a new family of transponders for underwater acoustic positioning and data link. They have more than 100 channels available, and can all be positioned by HiPAP® underwater positioning systems. Each underwater target to be positioned must have a transponder or a responder installed. The transponder operates acoustically while the responder requires a cable […]

Kongsberg Float Collar

Used in the survey and ROV industries, the sturdy device is used to float the transponder upright to the surface for recovery.

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics GeoPrinter

GeoAcoustics GeoPrinter is a highly reliable, all-purpose image printer that provides fast, high quality photographic images. Images are recorded on a choice of thermal fibre-based paper, or plastic-based transparent film. The printed images are 25.6 cm (10.1 inches) in width by any length up to 45.7 m (150 ft) and feature 256 shades of grey […]

Kongsberg HiPAP 350P

This is the brand new member of the HiPAP family. With its unique, new and compact transducer containing “a complete transceiver” and an accurate Motion Reference Unit, it will bring a new era into the underwater positioning services for “vessels of opportunity”. It is the only automatic beam steering portable transducer in the market. The […]

Kongsberg Mini Float Collar

Kongsberg MST 319/324/342 Mini SSBL Transponders

The Mini SSBL transponders (MST) are medium frequency mini-transponders. The MST transponders are to be used with the following underwater positioning and navigation systems: HiPAP system HPR series It is to be used for applications where a small and lightweight unit is required. A MST transponder is delivered with a moulded protective plastic coating. Uncoated units are available as an […]

Kongsberg Seapath 200

The Seapath 200 provides highly accurate, real-time heading, attitude and position information by blending the best characteristics of sensor-based inertial navigation and GPS continuous position update technologies. High-rate motion data obtained from the system’s IMU (Inertial Measurements Unit) and precise position data from two, fixed baseline GPS carrier-phase receivers are integrated in a Kalman Filter […]

Kongsberg SPT 314/ 319 & MPT 319 Series

The medium frequency transponders, the SPT 31x and MPT 31x series are the subsea and seabed elements of the Kongsberg Maritime underwater positioning and navigation systems. The transponder models have 56 channels for use with the HiPAP / HPR systems. Common for all the models are that they, on interrogation, replies with a single- or a multi-pulse response. This reply […]

Kongsberg TTC 400

The TTC 400 has been developed to provide a quick and easy way to test and configure all applications on Kongsberg Maritime transponders, prior to sea deployment. The TTC 400 is based around a splash-proof, small (all in one) and portable unit. The unit is equipped with carrying handles. A small transponder on a cable, […]

MDL Fanbeam 4.2

MDL’s Fanbeam® system is a laser based positioning sensor designed for repetitive, high accuracy range and bearing measurements from offshore support vessels and other marine structures.   The system is primarily used as a dynamic positioning (DP) reference sensor measuring the position of an offshore support vessel (OSV) relative to an offshore structure such as […]

Motorola GP340 EX Portable Radio

The popular GP340 radio is an excellent and unobtrusive way of keeping the team in contact. Streamlining operations with radio communication increases productivity and can form part of an organisation’s health and safety system which is particularly important for individuals who work alone or remote from the team. The GP340 Ex is built with a […]

Motorola GP340 Portable Radio

The GP340, one of the market-leading radios in Motorola’s Professional Series, is a simple communication solution for portable users requiring a high-quality radio. The GP340 keeps users in touch; increasing efficiency and productivity. The radio offers essential functionality and security features to protect users working alone or remotely. With option board capability and a wide range of accessories available within the Professional […]


Your objective is to use one software system to collect bathymetry, sonar data and magnetometer data, process this data, produce charts or even produce S-57 Electronic Navigation Charts. QINSy is a suite of hydrographic applications that covers that whole range of activities, from data acquisition to chart production.   Whether it is for dredging, multibeam […]

R2Sonic Integrated INS

The I2NS™ integrates seamlessly with R2Sonic Wideband Multibeam Echosounder Systems providing accurate and robust geo-referencing and motion compensation for hydrographic surveys. The I2NS™ provides existing and new R2Sonic customers an industry proven, tightly coupled solution for vessel roll, pitch, heave, heading, position and velocity which is easy to set-up, operate and control through a monitoring […]

RTS PPS Distribution Panel

RTS PPS Distribution Panel

The RTS PPS distribution panel is the key solution for distributing GPS timing signals to survey spreads. It can be used to distribute one or two separate timing telegrams together with PPS pulse. The system consist of two RS232 splitters combined with three PPS pulse splitters. Selectable PPS pulse width, 500us, 1ms or directly from the GPS. Selectable […]

RTS RS232 Panel

Multichannel distribution panel for RS232 data communication. Commonly used in the maritime, survey and ROV industry. Simplifies and makes a well-arranged interconnection between RS232 sensors and multiple computers. The panel allows up to eight different sensors to be interfaced up to four different computers, each. Data traffic indicators and magnetic isolation on each input channel. Solves problems with differences […]

RTS RS232 Splitter

RTS RS232 Splitter

RS232 splitter for distribution of sensor signal to multiple computers. Simplifies setups and make a well arranged interconnection between computers and sensors. No more unpredictable RS232 signals caused by serial ports connected in parallel. A special duplex output connector, CH1/CH2, makes it easy to do sensor configurations without any bypasses or disconnections.


The RTS SiLOG is a compact high spesification data logger, tailor-made for Subsea applications. Based on years of experience with a host different subsea sensors, the RTS Development team has engineered a versatile unit which can not only collect and provide safe data Storage Subsea, it also offers sensor Control through different comms options and […]

RTS Text Subsea Display

RTS TEXT Subsea Display

The new RTS Subsea Display features leading edge functionality and sought after improvements for displaying information subsea. The RTS Engineering team introduces a unit that will provide unparalleled visibility, flexibility and up to one-tenth of the power consumption of existing product solutions. Features such as automated light sensitive startup, bar graph display, limit value indication and customized colors supplies […]

Satel Satelline -3AS(d)

SATELLINE-3AS is compatible with the interface types RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485. Without changing the hardware all the parameter settings of the radio modem can be modified through the interface from a PC. The model SATELLINE-3ASd is equipped with a LCD display of its own, which facilitates programming of the radio modem. The SATELLINE-3AS software includes […]

SBG Systems Ekinox Subsea Series

The state-of-the-art Ekinox Subsea Series integrates the latest MEMS sensors to offer robust, small-sized, low-power consumption, and cost-effective Motion Reference Unit (Ekinox-M) and Inertial Navigation System (Ekinox-U). No need to enter wave frequencies, Ekinox adjusts to the sea state to compute the best heave data and deliver it on up to four different locations. The […]

Seatronics S.U.P.S

Designed to reduce survey sensor downtime during ROV power outages, the Seatronics Uninterruptible Power Supply (SUPS) is capable of maintaining power to an Inertial Navigation System or ancillary sensor system for up to 100 minutes. The result of a simple DC trip could result in the mandatory realignment phase being conducted; taking up to 45 […]

Seatronics SeaFLOAT

Seatronics SeaMESH

SeaMesh provides a high capacity wireless mesh network system between vessels operating at sea. SeaMesh can be used to exchange video, system data, voice and general network traffic between suitably equipped vessels. The SeaMesh system is a Wireless Mesh IP communications system designed specifically for offshore operation. SeaMesh allows up to 16 vessels to share […]

Seatronics SeaVISION II

The equipment provides a reliable, secure one-way digital link for video, audio and data over a range up to 38* kilometres. The type of modulation used (COFDM) and the use of diversity reception make the link very resistant to multipath problems, giving excellent performance in mobile applications and normally difficult locations

Sonardyne 7667 LCU

ORTs and DORTs are controlled using a frequency band specific Lightweight Command Unit (LCU) which consists of an over-the-side dunking transducer connected either to a splash-proof handheld terminal or, via supplied software, to any PC. The Type 7663 unit is a Medium Frequency LCU for commanding ORTs whilst the Type 7667 LCU is a Low […]

Sonardyne 7710 DORT

Oceanographic Release Transponders (ORTs) and Deep Oceanographic Release Transponders (DORTs) are tough, reliable acoustic releases designed for deployment in either 2,000 metres or 6,000 metres of water. The units are commonly used to moor oceanographic instrument strings on the seabed for periods of up to 36 months. However, their compact size allows them to be […]

Sonardyne 7869 15T Heavy Duty Acoustic Release Frame

In order to increase the Safe Working Load (SWL) of a standard ORT, DORT, Heavy Load DORT, P-DORT and Heavy Load Compatt 5, Sonardyne offer a range of heavy duty release frames. The frames act as a load amplifier so that only a fraction of the mooring load passes through the acoustic release. Applications include: […]

Sonardyne 7967 LRT Deck Unit

LRTs, LATs, Coastal Transponders and TZ/OBC Transponders are commanded using a Type 7967-000-01 transponder deck unit. The system comprises of a deck unit and dunking transducer supplied with 10 metres of cable. The deck unit is used initially to program the acoustic identity of the transponder, test the transponder and, in the case of the […]

Sonardyne 7970 SSM

Sonardyne’s range of Super Sub-Mini Transponder/Responders (SSMs) represent the latest design developments in the acoustic positioning of ROVs, towfish and other subsea targets. The Type 7970 Super Sub-Mini is designed for deepwater applications up to 4,000 metres and has a highpower directional transducer with an acoustic output comparable to Sonardyne’s most powerful Compatt transponders. For […]

Sonardyne 7973 SSM

Sonardyne’s range of Super Sub-Mini Transponder/Responders (SSMs) represents the latest design developments in the acoustic positioning of ROVs, towfish and other subsea targets. The Type 7973 Super Sub-Mini isdepth rated to 1,000 metres and has an omni-directional beam pattern that gives a wide area of acoustic coverage. For improved positioning accuracy, a built-in pressure transducer […]

Sonardyne 8063 Deck Test Unit

The Type 8063 Deck Test Unit is a fully portable, splash proof transponder test unit, designed for the harsh environment of the back deck. The DTU is capable of transmitting and receiving both Sonardyne Wideband™ and Tone acoustic signals in order to test all MF Compatt 5’s, DPT’s and WSM’s functionality. It is the primary […]

Sonardyne 8070 Wideband Sub-Mini

WSM is our previous generation release transponder which has now been replaced by WMT 6. Although the WSM transponder is no longer available to purchase, Sonardyne still offers full after sales technical support including spares, repairs and servicing for this product. The Type 8070 Dual Release Wideband Sub-Mini (WSM) is a 4,000 metre rated transponder/ […]

Sonardyne 8271/8270 Wideband Sub-Mini

The Wideband Sub-Mini 6 (WSM 6) is Sonardyne’s latest generation of versatile USBL transponders or responders that support WBv2 signals. The WSM 6 is designed for positioning ROVs, towfish and other mobile targets in water depths up to 4,000 metres. The compact and rugged design is based on the field proven WSM mechanics and is […]

Sonardyne 8305 Autonomous Monitoring Transponder

The Type 8305 AMT is a long-endurance Compatt 6 based transponder that is extensively used for subsea survey tasks and is capable of autonomously acquiring acoustic ranges and sensor data without surface control. The data is time-stamped and logged internally for recovery via the integrated high-speed acoustic telemetry modem. This autonomy allows measurements to be […]

Sonardyne Back Deck Test PDA

Pocket Test Terminal (PTT) is a new truly portable Compatt 5 test tool. Running on a dedicated iPAQ PDA platform, the PTT software offers all the main features of the PC-based Compatt 5 Test Terminal software but from a small, portable, splash proof device. It is therefore ideal for taking on to the back deck […]

Sonardyne Compatt 5 – Midi

Compatt 5 Midi is our previous generation tracking transponder which has now been replaced by Compatt 6. Although the Compatt 5 transponder is no longer available to purchase, Sonardyne still offers full after sales technical support including spares, repairs and servicing for this product. Faster set up and calibration greater equipmentutilisation reduced risk these are […]

Sonardyne Compatt 5 – Standard

Compatt 5 is our previous generation LBL transponder which has now been replaced by Compatt 6. Although the Compatt 5 transceiver is no longer available to purchase, Sonardyne still offers full after sales technical support including spares, repairs and servicing for this product. Faster set up and calibration, greater equipment utilisation and reduced risk. These […]

Sonardyne Compatt 6

The Compatt 6 transponder is fully compatible with all 6G® equipment and Sonardyne’s latest 6G® LBL and USBL systems. Compatt 6 offers significant time saving using faster and more robust Sonardyne Wideband®2 acoustic ranging and telemetry protocols. This makes any system operating with Compatt 6 significantly easier to operate therefore de-risking operations, reducing vessel time […]

Sonardyne Data Fusion Engine

The Data Fusion Engine is the heart of the system and is an integrated PC and navigation controller used to interface peripheral equipment such as GPS and attitude sensors, in addition to providing dedicated interface and power to transceivers. This ‘one-box’ solution is designed to meet a complete onboard hardware requirement for any acoustic operation, […]

Sonardyne Floatation Collars

Sonardyne’s range of subsurface floatation collars enable acoustic navigation and positioning transponders to be deployed, moored on the seabed and then recovered to the surface. The floats are compatible with all Sonardyne’s latest generation Compatt 6 and DPT Wideband transponders as well as previous generation Mk 5 & 4 Compatts. They can be used with […]

Sonardyne Lighweight Release Transponder 7986

The Type 7986 Lightweight Release Transponder (LRT) has been developed from transponders capable of accurately positioning hundreds of seismic receiver nodes. It has both receive and transmit functions, unlike similar low-cost release transponders, enabling accurate slant ranges to be measured, release actuation to be confirmed and its position to be accurately determined. The LRT is […]

Sonardyne Lodestar Gyro Compatt 6

The Lodestar GyroCompatt (LGC) integrates Sonardyne’s Wideband® acoustic positioning and Lodestar Attitude and Hearing Reference Technology (in one small, highly versatile and robust instrument). This provides high update rate wireless attitude, heading, heave, surge, sway, pressure, SV and acoustic positioning of any subsea object. Compatible with USBL and LBL positioning systems, the Lodestar GyroCompatt product […]

Sonardyne Lodestar GyroUSBL

Lodestar GyroUSBL combines a Sonardyne 6th (6G®) generation high performance HPT USBL transceiver and a Lodestar Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) / Inertial Navigation System (INS) in the same mechanical assembly.   The instrument comes in three mechanical variants; two standard GyroUSBLs that differ by the use of the HPT component (GyroUSBL 8084-000-0445 and […]

Sonardyne Navigation Controller Unit

The Type 8020 Navigation Controller Unit (NCU) forms part of a Data Fusion Engine, a ‘one-box’ solution designed to meet the complete on-board requirements of any acoustic operation. The NCU is the interface between the in-water acoustic instruments, sensors and the Navigation Computer which runs the acoustics positioning software. In addition to accurately time stamping […]

Sonardyne Ranger Pro USBL

Ranger system is a high performance, survey grade Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic positioning system designed for Dynamic Positioning (DP) reference and ROV/towfish tracking operations. The system incorporates Sonardyne Wideband® acoustic signal technology to enable seamless multi vessel ‘SIMOPS’ capability ensuring no vessel down time. It is recognised as the optimum solution for deep water DP […]

Sonardyne ROVNav 5

ROVNav 5 is our previous generation transceiver which has now been replaced by ROVNav 6. Although the ROVNav 5 tranceiver is no longer available to purchase, Sonardyne still offers full after sales technical support including spares, repairs and servicing for this product. ROVNav 5 is a highly configurable, tri-band acoustic transceiver designed to support a […]

Sonardyne ROVNav 6

ROVNav 6 is a 6G® Wideband®2 ranging and telemetry Long BaseLine (LBL) and telemetry transceiver specifically designed for installation on work class ROVs. Its high power output and Sonardyne Wideband®2 signal processing offers improved range and acoustic performance in challenging conditions such as on noisy vehicles or in multipath environments. ROVNav 6 is also a […]

Sonardyne Scout USBL

Scout USBL is a complete vessel based acoustic positioning system designed for tracking divers, ROVs and towfish in waters up to 1,000 metres. The system calculates the position of a subsea target by measuring the range (distance) and bearing (heading) from a vessel mounted transceiver to a small acoustic transponder fitted to the target; a […]

Teledyne Benthos ATM-886

Teledyne Benthos underwater acoustic modems are used in worldwide subsea applications and are the only modems available in a combined modem/acoustic release configuration. Reduce the umbilical clutter by making any subsea sensor a wireless sensor for shallow or deep water applications. OEM configurations are available.  

Teledyne Benthos ATM-926

Teledyne Benthos underwater acoustic modems are used in worldwide subsea applications and are the only modems available in a combined modem/acoustic release configuration. Reduce the umbilical clutter by making any subsea sensor a wireless sensor for shallow or deep water applications. OEM configurations are available.

Teledyne CDL MiniSense 2

The Teledyne CDL MiniSense2 is a second generation MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) based motion sensor. Building on the success of the original MiniSense product, the MiniSense2 uses the latest high accuracy 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) MEMS technology to deliver high accuracy pitch & roll measurements in the smallest of devices. In addition, the MiniSense2 is capable […]

Teledyne RDI Workhorse Navigator Doppler Velocity Log

Traditional underwater navigation systems provide only periodic position update that can leave you uncertain as to where your ROV/AUV, or vehicle is located. Teledyne RD Instruments revolutionary Workhorse Navigator DVLs fill in these gaps with high rate, high precision navigation data, using patented BroadBand bottom tracking algorithms. Now you can feel confident that you know […]

Teledyne TSS Meridian Standard

The Meridian gyrocompass is a product suitable for the ever-changing needs of a modern integrated navigation bridge system. This includes highly accurate performance with low cost of ownership and system flexibility. Due to the Meridian’s small size and fast settle time of less than 45 minutes, there are no limits to the type of vessel […]

Teledyne TSS Meridian Surveyor

The Meridian Surveyor boasts a wide range of interfaces to enable use on any marine vessel. The unit utilises a DTG gyro element which provides exceptional performance with accuracy unmatched by even the latest fibre optic designs. Unlike conventional spinning mass gyrocompasses, the Meridian Surveyor uses a dry tuned element (DTG) that removes the need […]

Teledyne TSS Saturn 30

The latest generation of marine navigation systems… The Saturn fibre optic gyrocompass capitalises on more than a century’s experience in marine navigation. Teledyne TSS’ own experienced and innovative engineering team has combined the latest solid state technologies and calibration techniques to offer a user-friendly, highly accurate and cost-effective navigation solution for demanding marine environments. The […]

Trimble 5700 GPS Receiver

The Trimble® 5700 L1 GPS receiver is an easy-to-use GPS receiver especially developed for static, L1 FastStatic, and kinematic surveying. It offers proven Trimble GPS technology in a flexible and cost-effective solution. Team the rugged Trimble 5700 L1 with the Trimble Recon™ controller for a GPS system with the toughest specs in the industry. The […]

Trimble DSM132 DGPS

Trimble’s proven DSM132 DGPS receiver is an ideal solution for surveying and dredging in ports, harbors, and navigation channels. The DSM132 is a high-performance submeter GPS receiver that also houses an MSK beacon and satellite differential correction receiver. It uses free public (MSK beacon or WAAS) or subscription- based private differential correction services to calculate […]

Trimble MS750

Trimble’s MS750T system is the most responsive GPS receiver on the market today. The system sets a new standard for dynamic positioning by providing 20 mm (1″) accuracies, 20 times per second with a latency of less than 20 milliseconds. At higher latencies, the MS750 provides positions of 10 mm (0.5″) 5 times per second.

Trimble MS860

The Trimble MS860 receiver is a 36-channel L1/L2 RTK GPS receiver with dual-antenna input that provides precise position, heading and speed of a dynamic platform. This rugged, dual-antenna receiver addresses a vast range of precise navigation applications in the fields of construction, dredging, marine survey, commercial marine, and general machine guidance. The MS860 receiver uses […]