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RTS offers a wide range of self-developed products together with products from other leading subsea equipment manufacturers.    

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R2Sonic 2024

The Sonic 2024 is the world’s first proven wideband high resolution shallow water multi beam echo sounder. With proven results and unmatched performance, the Sonic 2024 produces reliable and remarkably clean data with maximum user flexibility through all range settings to 500m. The unprecedented 60 kHz signal bandwidth offers twice the resolution of any other […]

Sonic 2024 ROV Bracket

Sonar Bracket for ROV RTS and Invento Team have developed an ROV bracket for R2Sonic Sonic 2024 sonar systems. The purpose of the design is to reduce mobilization time and mounting errors, as well as providing added protection for a key component in an ROV survey spread. The unit also features protected predetermined cable paths, minimal […]

Tritech Gemini 720is

The 720is is the latest generation from Tritech’s renowned multibeam sonar range and offers a real-time, high frequency imaging solution. The Gemini 720is operates at 720kHz and this combined with Tritech’s state-of-the-art processing electronics, produces images of superb clarity. This latest design is ideal for pan and tilt mounting on observation class ROVs. With a […]


Based on the RTS PPS Distribution Panel, the RTS PPS Box is a highly compact and robust solution for distributing GPS timing signals to survey spreads. The unit features low latency distribution of one timing telegram together with PPS pulse to seven separate outputs. The RTS PPS Box is typically used for time synchronization of […]

Coda Octopus Echoscope

Echoscope is the world’s highest definition real time 3D imaging sonar.   By generating over 16,000 beams per acoustic transmission and with a frame rate of over 10 pings per second, Echoscope® sonars provide unique underwater 3D acoustic movie imagery. Viewing the subsea scene in real time using patented 3D rendering techniques allows for immediate […]

Hypack Hydrographic Survey and Processing Software

  HYPACK® is the most widely used hydrographic software package in the world. Here’s why.   HYPACK® provides all of the tools necessary to complete your hydrographic, side scan and magnetometer survey requirements. With over 4,000 users around the world, HYPACK® provides you with the tools necessary to meet almost any hydrographic survey requirement. It […]

Imagenex 837A Delta T

The Imagenex Model 837 “Delta T” is a multiple receiver sonar system designed to provide video-like imaging with all the advantages of underwater sonar.  Innovative digital signal processing is used to optimize data usage from all channels to achieve the best possible resolution at every point in the field of view. Recent advances in computing […]

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics GeoSwath Plus

GeoAcoustics GeoSwath Plus offers very efficient simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping with accuracies that have been shown to exceed the IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys. The applied phase measuring bathymetric sonar technology provides data coverage of up to 12 times the water depth, giving unsurpassed survey efficiency in shallow water environments. The […]

Kongsberg Seapath 200

The Seapath 200 provides highly accurate, real-time heading, attitude and position information by blending the best characteristics of sensor-based inertial navigation and GPS continuous position update technologies. High-rate motion data obtained from the system’s IMU (Inertial Measurements Unit) and precise position data from two, fixed baseline GPS carrier-phase receivers are integrated in a Kalman Filter […]


Your objective is to use one software system to collect bathymetry, sonar data and magnetometer data, process this data, produce charts or even produce S-57 Electronic Navigation Charts. QINSy is a suite of hydrographic applications that covers that whole range of activities, from data acquisition to chart production.   Whether it is for dredging, multibeam […]

R2Sonic 2020

The Sonic 2020 is the most compact high performance wideband shallow water multi-beam echo sounder, suitable for a wide variety of general mapping applications.   The Sonic 2020 provides over 20x selectable operating frequencies to chose from within the 200 to 400 kHz band, with unparalleled flexibility to trade off resolution and range and controlling […]

R2Sonic 2022

The Sonic 2022 is a compact wideband shallow water multibeam echo sounder, suitable for a wide variety of general mapping applications. As with the higher resolution Sonic 2024 system, the Sonic 2022 provides over 20 selectable operating frequencies to chose from within the 200 to 400 kHz band, with unparalleled flexibility to trade off resolution […]

R2Sonic Integrated INS

The I2NS™ integrates seamlessly with R2Sonic Wideband Multibeam Echosounder Systems providing accurate and robust geo-referencing and motion compensation for hydrographic surveys. The I2NS™ provides existing and new R2Sonic customers an industry proven, tightly coupled solution for vessel roll, pitch, heave, heading, position and velocity which is easy to set-up, operate and control through a monitoring […]

RTS PPS Distribution Panel

RTS PPS Distribution Panel

The RTS PPS distribution panel is the key solution for distributing GPS timing signals to survey spreads. It can be used to distribute one or two separate timing telegrams together with PPS pulse. The system consist of two RS232 splitters combined with three PPS pulse splitters. Selectable PPS pulse width, 500us, 1ms or directly from the GPS. Selectable […]

Sound Metrics Didson 300

No other sonar in its class is able to deliver the image quality and frame rate of the DIDSON 300 m. The resulting real-time, near video-quality data is clear enough to study the behavior of darting fish, even in opaque waters. A de facto standard for the exacting marine biology audience, this dual frequency sonar […]

Teledyne Blueview BV3100 Boat Mount with P&T

Deployed from a patrol boat, Teledyne BlueView’s BV3100 is ideal for search and recovery operations, dive team situational awareness, and diver vectoring. It is also an effective means of harbor bottom inspection as well as diver and underwater IED detection. The BV3100 uses Teledyne BlueView’s 2D forward looking sonar mounted to a digital pan and […]

Teledyne Blueview BV4100 Light Weight Tripod

The BV4100 is a light weight tripod and a pan and tilt combination used for a 2D forward looking sonar in fixed position real time monitoring. The BV4100 is easily one person deployable from surface vessels, piers or docks. The simplicity and portability of the BV4100 makes the ideal tool for quick inspections and searches […]

Teledyne Blueview BV5000 3D Mechanical Scanning Sonar

BlueView’s BV5000-1350 and BV5000-2250 3D mechanical scanning sonar create high resolution imagery of underwater areas, structures, and objects. With the touch of a button, these new 3D mechanical scanning sonar create 3D point clouds of an underwater scene with minimal training required. The compact, lightweight units are easily deployed on a tripod or an ROV. […]

Teledyne Blueview M900 Series

The industry’s most compact, full featured 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar available. Engineered to fit in small, tight spaces the M Series is 30% smaller than the popular P Series, and delivers the same crisp, real-time sonar imagery. Applications All Condition Navigation Object Detection Obstacle Avoidance Situational Awareness Operations Monitoring Area Survey/Search & Recovery Touch Down […]

Teledyne Blueview P450 Series

BlueView answers the call for a longer range imaging sonar with a wide field-of-view – the all new P450 Series now with S2 electronics is available in five new models including two deepwater options. Each model has a maximum detection range of 300 meters (984 ft.), while delivering crisp, real-time imagery at medium to long […]

Teledyne Blueview P900 Series Deepwater

BlueView re-engineered its popular P Series Imaging Sonar platform to create 2 new models that meet the stringent requirements for deepwater ROV operations. The new P Series Deepwater Sonar deliver incredible imagery and accurate point-to-point measurement in a compact, economically priced 2D imaging sonar. Able to operate at depths of 4,000 m (13,123 ft.) the […]

Teledyne Blueview P900 Series Sonar

The P900 Series sonar family now offers 3 field-of-view options for high-performance forward looking imaging sonar: 45°, 90°, and 130°. At 900 kHz the P900 Series is the ideal sonar for underwater detection and identification operations. Specifically designed to increase the search rates and effectiveness in low and/or zero visibility conditions with both mid-range detection […]

Teledyne Blueview P900-2250 Dual Frequency

The P900-2250-45 (Dual Frequency) sonar system combines the power of BlueView’s medium range P900 navigation and inspection sonar with the identification capabilities of a higher frequency 2.25 MHz sonar head. The P900-2250-45 provides both the medium and ultra-short range imaging required to perform complex tasks in zero visibility conditions. The P900-2250-45 is completely compatible with […]

Teledyne Odom 12KHz Transducer

The SEALCAST™ urethane housing is durable and is tank or externally mounted. Excellent for deep water surveys.

Teledyne Odom Echotrac MKIII

The Echotrac MKIII is the only sounder on the market offering you the choice of either a high resolution thermal paper recorder or a full-sized high bright color LCD chart in interchangeable module format.  Both high and low channels feature frequency agility, enabling the operator to precisely match the transceiver to almost any existing transducer. […]

Teledyne Odom Hydrotrac

Specifically designed for work in less-than-ideal circumstances on small survey boats and inflatable watercraft, the HydrotracT offers compact portability and the confidence of knowing you’re using an Odom product. It is completely waterproof and comes equipped with the same advanced features you’ve come to trust and depend on in Odom echo sounders.

Teledyne Odom M42 Transducer

The M42 houses Odom’s best selling dual frequency transducer. Compatable with any hull material, it is best mounted on a fairing. Durable and reliable.

Teledyne Odom MB1 Multibeam Echo Sounder

Completely designed and manufactured within the Teledyne Marine group, the new MB1 multibeam echo sounder is designed to meet the needs of hydrographic professionals that are looking for a low cost yet high performance swath sounder. Sounding Performance Using both amplitude and phase bottom detection, MB1 is capable of sounding a swath of up to […]

Teledyne Reson SeaBat 7101

The SeaBat 7101 is more than a cost-effective upgrade to your SeaBat 8101. It’s a hi-res multibeam sonar system that takes the latest advances in signal processing and data handling and delivers results you can trust. With its 40Hz-ping rate, high density of equidistant soundings and real-time roll stabilisation in shallow water, the 7101 is […]

Teledyne Reson SeaBat 7111

Compact, easy to install and quick to set up, the SeaBat 7111 helps you get your survey started with minimal planning and preparation. Housed in a lightweight cradle, the SeaBat generates hi-res hydrographic charts that beat international standards down to 1,000 metres below sea-level. Switching between equidistant and equi-angular beam spacing gives you soundings that […]

Teledyne Reson SeaBat 7125

The SeaBat 7125 continues to evolve with ever more powerful features for specific applications, and for enhancing productivity. The links below provide full details of the features contained within the latest innovative release, Feature Pack 4. The fundamental acoustics continue to be class leading with 400kHz for high resolution, high density surveying which exceeds the […]

Teledyne Reson SeaBat 8101

The SeaBat 8101 Multibeam Echosounder measures discrete depths, enabling complex underwater features to be mapped with precision. Dense coverage is achieved utilizing up to 4,000 soundings per second for a swath up to 600 meters in width, even as the survey vessel travels at speeds in excess of 12 knots. With high accuracy and a […]

Teledyne Reson SeaBat 8125

The new SeaBat 8125-H combines the 8125’s celebrated sonar head with an advanced data processor. Using 256 dynamically focused receive beams, the SeaBat 8125-H cuts a 120-degree swath across the seafloor. The resulting sea-floor detection is reliable, depth resolution is a crisp 6mm, and you can view backscatter intensity in real time on the sonar […]

Teledyne Reson SeaBat T50-P

The SeaBat T50-P is fully frequency agile from 190 to 420 kHz, allowing for improved swath performace and reduced survey time under difficult conditions. The SeaBat T50-P is designed for fast mobilization on smaller vessels.  

Tritech Gemini 720i Multibeam Imaging Sonar (300m)

The Gemini 720i multibeam sonar is also available in a 4,000m depth rated model for deepwater operations.

Tritech Gemini 720id Multibeam Imaging Sonar (4000m)