RTS SDM System


The SDM is a time-saving monitoring solution used for deployment and installation of subsea structures. Time-stamped data from pressure and attitude sensors are transmitted through an ROV hot stab connection or an acoustic modem. When installing the structure, the operator will have full online control of its heading and deflection. The hotstab will serve as a contingency solution where power and telemetry from an ROV can run the SDM. In addition, subsea displays will provide gyro, pitch and roll data. The SDM also comprises remote control of all connected sensors, optional differential pressure monitoring of suction anchors, external sensor capabilities and customized logging intervals for long-time structure surveillance.



  • Logging and time-stamping of all sensor data
  • Presentation and control software
  • Integrated on-site calibration software
  • Navipac and Quincy data output
  • 3D presentation option
  • Differential pressure monitoring of suction cans




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